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Geo Prism Chevy Prism 4A-GE Engines for Sale

When I speak of the Geo Prism, we all know what that is. Did you know the Chevy Nova/Prism was is identical engine wise? The second production of the Nova was actually a joint venture with Toyota of Japan, called the Prism, and ran from 1985 to 1988. Coincidentally, they both used the same engine.…

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Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale

The Subaru Outback was the first Subaru to use the EZ engine family starting in 2000 in the USA. The engine was introduced to America in the Japanese Domestic Market [JDM]. I’m of the mind that if one is searching for Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale, a JDM engine is a very worthy…

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Mazda CX-7 Japanese Car Engines for Sale

I know if you own a Mazda CR-7, looking for a replacement engine is not a pleasant thought, and probably surprising. For a vehicle that was just introduced in 2007, a blown motor would be unusual. It happens, we get calls on occasion for Mazda CX-7 Japanese car Engines for Sale. The CR-7 is built…

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Replacement Japanese Acura ZDX Engines for Sale

The Acura ZDX is a very new car, Introduced in 2009. 2010 as it’s first official model year. Designed for people who want a top level, medium sized luxury hatchback. The engine is an aluminum V6 of 3.5 liters in size in the TL model, or 3.7 liters in the TL SH-AWD [all wheel drive]…

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Honda Civic Hybrid Engines for Sale

Honda makes a hybrid version of the Civic. Called The Honda Civic Hybrid FD3, it was introduced to America in 2003 as a seventh generation Civic. California’s Air Resources Board documented The 2003 model as the first Japanese hybrid car to pass and become certified as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero- Emissions Vehicle [AT-PZEV]. This…

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Japanese Engines for Sale Infinity I30 and I35

For those who are not sure, Infinity is a luxury Nissan. It’s not heavily advertised for some reason. For all practical purposes the engines used in Infinity’s are Nissan engines. Now don’t feel cheated if you are disappointed your Infinity has a Nissan engine, Nissan builds some fine motors. Specializing in Japanese Engines for Sale,…

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Japanese Car Engines for Sale Affordable Prices

A company devoted to only Japanese car engines at affordable prices focuses on one product line. In most cases, focusing on one particular line makes one more knowledgeable about the subject. You won’t find a company and employees who know more about said subject than There are so many Japanese cars on the road,…

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Mitsubishi Eclipes Engines for Sale..Discounted

Mitsubishi has always dabbled successfully with industries around the world. The large conglomerate has its profit rich hands in a number of different industries. This industrial giant has been making cars and importing them to the States since the early 1970s, but most consumers were unaware of Mitsubishi’s prowess in the auto industry until the…

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Nissan Sentra: Japanese Engines for Sale

When US car shoppers think about small compact cars, and energy efficient everyday work cars the Nissan Sentra is usually somewhere on their shopping and test drive list. The Sentra has been part of the Nissan lineup since 1982. The Sentra has proven itself over the years by offering consumers some interesting features. Nissan Sentra:…

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Japanese Engines for Sale: Nissan Maxima

Nissan wasn’t Nissan when the 240Z hit US shores, and the Maxima wasn’t the Maxima either. The names changed and so did the energy behind them. The 1970s was a time of discovery for Japanese automakers so cars never stayed the same for long.

 Japanese Engines for Sale: Nissan Maxima as an example, cost less…

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