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Japanese Engines for Sale Infinity I30 and I35

For those who are not sure, Infinity is a luxury Nissan. It’s not heavily advertised for some reason. For all practical purposes the engines used in Infinity’s are Nissan engines. Now don’t feel cheated if you are disappointed your Infinity has a Nissan engine, Nissan builds some fine motors.

Specializing in Japanese Engines for Sale, Infinity I30 and I35 models makes us an authority on said products. What do we offer you. More specialized experience than any other engine supplier. A full line of replacement engines. Customer service that makes the whole engine buying experience a positive one.

If you have driven an I30 or I35 you know the engines have plenty of power and run flawlessly. None of the engines offered has a turbocharger or supercharger on it, meaning they are naturally aspirated. Using Nissan’s direct fuel injection system.

Let me list and explain some details of the two engines that came in your Infinity I30 or I35 model,
1. VQ30DE is an all aluminum DOHC [double overhead camshaft] V6 engine with 3.0 liters of capacity. It uses all of Nissan’s’ best technology for the type of performance Infinity owners demand.
2. VQ35DE is the same basic engine with 1/2 of a liter more displacement for some added power.
You have a choice in variants too.
1. Rebuilt engines or Remanufactured engines, [legally the same thing]. This is the most viable engine option and very affordable in relation to the mileage delivered to cost. Outstanding durability, and trouble free performance made this a real winner.
2. Used engines, which are a rare value when you buy a low mileage pretested model from us. No ‘junk yard’ engines sold here. Only the finest used engines are sold here. Ones we can put our iron clad guarantee on.
3. JDM engines. An opportunity for cars with Japanese engines only. Japanese Domestic Market engines purchased from a reliable engine supplier like are worth checking into, make the call and get the lowdown on one, call for the details.
4. Crate Japanese engines. These are either brand spanking new engines. Or, custom remanufactured engines. Call for specifics please.

Understanding that the Infinity is an upper level luxury car and owners know this makes the most reliable supplier of Japanese car engines online. Make the call, talk to an intelligent human being who can answer the questions no one else will, in terms you understand.

Over the years, it had become painfully evident that educated consumers make better decisions. Call right now and learn how to choose the best engine for your interests.