Honda Engines

Honda Ridgeline Engines are On Sale

The Honda Ridgeline is another on of the slick looking SUV/Truck conversion vehicles. Considered to be a mid to full sized 4 door sport utility truck. By and large, it’s very stylish, has four wheel drive optional and fits a newer market that is still emerging. It was introduced in 2006 and won Motor Trend’s…

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Honda Prelude Japanese Car Engines for Sale

The Honda Prelude won the title of the finest handling front-drive car ever built and one of the world’s beat 4-cylinder engines by not being the standard cookie-cutter sedan that car manufacturers produced back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The early Prelude did have a few issues since it was an Accord on…

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Japanese Engines for Sale Honda Civic

Honda made its entrance in the US automobile market on a 2-cylinder 600cc runabout. Prior to 1973, Honda was known for its motorbikes and motorcycles. But, all that changed when they introduced a fun and space efficient four passenger car in 1973. The Honda Civic broke new ground in the auto industry by offering gas…

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