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Buy Japanese Motors Direct

Whether you're bringing your car back to life or giving it a little extra torque, you can save big by cutting out the middleman. Most garages charge exorbitant markups to find you a Japanese engine for sale. And most times, they don't even give you a choice. But as any savvy car owner knows, no two used engines are alike. The history matters, the mileage matters and the certifications matter. By asking a dealer or mechanic pick out any old Japanese motor, you're not only giving up the right to name your price, but also the right to compare the quality and reliability of the engine to other parts.

At, we put the power back in your hands. You give us your VIN number and your price range and we'll come back with as many Japanese engines for sale as we can find and we'll let you decide what's worth your money. We'll tell you the exact condition of the engine, if it's used, and we'll tell you what kinds of certifications it has if it's rebuilt or remanufactured. And if you're looking for a brand new Japanese motor  or  JDM engine, we can find that for you at a lower price, too.

Saving on Japanese Engines for Sale is Simple

Buying a new engine for your Japanese car can seem like a headache. But here, it doesn't have to be. Give us your VIN number, and we'll give you the engine you need. We'll ship it direct to your home, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, or we'll have it shipped directly to your mechanic so they can drop it in as soon as possible and get you back on the road.

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