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Mazda CX-7 Japanese Car Engines for Sale

I know if you own a Mazda CR-7, looking for a replacement engine is not a pleasant thought, and probably surprising. For a vehicle that was just introduced in 2007, a blown motor would be unusual. It happens, we get calls on occasion for Mazda CX-7 Japanese car Engines for Sale.

The CR-7 is built on a new style chassis, shared with the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossover SUV. This is a front engine, front wheel drive arrangement. Called a transverse mounting system. It also has four wheel drive capabilities. The engines used in this car are all front wheel dive only engines. It is a very popular setup among all car makers.

Since it’s in it’s first generation of production, the only engines offered are inline 4 cylinder models. One of them is a diesel engine, one is a naturally aspirated gasoline engine and the last one is a turbocharged gas engine.

Before I get into the engine details, it’s important to know we sell low mileage used engines which have been pre operated in the donor car and documented to have the exact mileage we tell you. It’s a terrific value for a newer car with an engine failure.

One of the most popular options are our rebuilt engines. For the dollar, it’s the most cost effective and least expensive option for those looking at long term success. It’s cost per mile is hardly anything when you consider how long it will last with proper maintenance. Our rebuilt engine have pure value built right into them.

Mazda CR-7 Engine List:
1. 2.3 L MZR turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine. MZR is a family name of inline/straight 4 cylinder engines designed and built by Mazda. The family includes diesel engines and turbocharged engines. Used in Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazdaspeed6
Note: Mazdaspeed is Mazda’s in-house race and street car tuning arm.
2. 2.5L MZR I4 is a non turbocharged engine. Called a naturally aspirated engine.
3. 2.2L Diesel I4. Used primarily in cars made for UK, Australian and Japan.

One of the most difficult decisions having to be made is which engine to choose to replace the broken or worn out engine. If you are like me, you want to call and talk to someone who can fill you in using terms you understand. Engine replacement is not a well known subject by many people.

You can count on to provide the level of information you need to make a great decision. We know educated consumers make better decisions. Call right away and order your fresh motor now. Our customer service is outstanding and as soon as the order is completed, we ship or deliver within 24 hours. Call (888)-840-8709 now.