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Honda Civic Hybrid Engines for Sale

Honda Civic Hybrid Engines for Sale

Honda Civic Hybrid Engines for Sale

Honda makes a hybrid version of the Civic. Called The Honda Civic Hybrid FD3, it was introduced to America in 2003 as a seventh generation Civic. California’s Air Resources Board documented The 2003 model as the first Japanese hybrid car to pass and become certified as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero- Emissions Vehicle [AT-PZEV].

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The second generation Civic Hybrid is designed on the eighth generation Civic chassis. The Civic hybrid ranks as the second best selling electric hybrid car in the U.S. The engine we want to concentrate on mostly is the gasoline powered assist engine.

The engine is a 1.3 liter LDA series inline 4 cylinder SOHC gas engine.

1. For maximum economy the engine is fitted with 2 spark plugs per cylinder,
2. i-DSI lean burn internal combustion engine with VTEC Cylinder Cut Off system allowing 3 cylinders to deactivate during deceleration.
3. Idle stop, a feature that shuts down the gasoline engine automatically at a a stop and starts it immediately when commanded for use.

The electric assist motor is sandwiched between the gas engine and transmission, making about 13 horsepower. Using a PCU [power control unit] and several other improvements like internal magnetic coils in the ultra-thin DC brush-less motor, which claims to have the world’s highest output density and practical efficiency, achieving up to 30% greater assisting and regenerative breaking torque than the early models.

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