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Mitsubishi Eclipes Engines for Sale..Discounted

Mitsubishi has always dabbled successfully with industries around the world. The large conglomerate has its profit rich hands in a number of different industries. This industrial giant has been making cars and importing them to the States since the early 1970s, but most consumers were unaware of Mitsubishi’s prowess in the auto industry until the Japanese car company joined forces with Chrysler. You can buy Mitsubishi Eclipse Engines for Sale..Discounted below cost by calling

The company decided to open their own dealerships in the US in 1982, but the response to their products, the Cordia Coupe and the Tredia sedan, was pitiful. After a few years of consumer neglect the company introduced an American made 1990 model called the Eclipse. The Eclipse was almost the same vehicle as the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser.

Naysayers called it the Plymouth Galant on steroids, and in a sense there was some truth in that statement since some of the mechanical parts did come from the Galant GS, but the beefed up trim model of the Eclipse had more gumption, bigger wheels, a better braking system, great looking cockpit, and a few more horses under the hood.

The plain Jane trim model came with a 1.8 litre SOHC 8-valve four cylinder engine that was rated with 90 horsepower. The Eclipse GS had a 2.0 litre DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine that spit out 135 horsepower. The turbocharged version of the GS engine had 190 ponies and a 5-speed manual transmission.

The GSX all wheel drive model was a 195 horsepower raging metal bull that hit 60 in 7.0 seconds. The GS model went from 0 to 60 in 7.4 seconds. The critics were impressed with that front wheel drive performance.

In 1993, the Eclipse finished fourth in a Car and Driver Magazine comparison. The Ford Probe took first prize, but the magazine did give the Eclipse a good review based on its brake system and improved shifter action. The 1994 Eclipse was an exact knock off the 1993, but in 1995 the car got a 2.0 litre HOHC Chrysler 4-cylinder with 140 horsepower. The new turbo engine was the same as the 4G63 Mitsubishi engine, but it was tweaked so it produced 205 horsepower in the GS-T and 210 horsepower in the GSX. sells Mitsubishi engines. For more information about new as well as old Mitsubishi engines call or email us now.