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Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale

Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale

Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale

The Subaru Outback was the first Subaru to use the EZ engine family starting in 2000 in the USA. The engine was introduced to America in the Japanese Domestic Market [JDM]. I’m of the mind that if one is searching for Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale, a JDM engine is a very worthy consideration.

The EZ engine came in 3 variations:
1. EX30D: A 3.0 liter [2999cc] flat/inline 6 cylinder engine. It has 4 valves per cylinder, uses a single DOHC [double overhead cam] head and makes 220 horsepower. Found in the 2000-2002 Outback H6 and Legacy Lancaster 6.
2. EZ30D: Same engine with subtle horsepower increases.
3. EZ36D: A 3029 cc [cubic centimeters] flat 6 cylinder gasoline engine using the same DOHC camshaft setup as the other models mentioned. Found in the 2010-current Legacy, Outback and 2008-current Tribeca.

What exactly is a JDM engine? In Japan, many elements contribute to the reason JDM exists in the auto field. The issues start with the extreme traffic conditions and extreme emission laws in Japan due to excessive air pollution. Another issue is that because of the emission laws, cars are not kept for as many years as in we keep them in America. call (888)-840-8709 right now.

Because not as many repairs are made, and there are not as many mechanics per capita in Japan, auto repairs are very expensive. The magnitude of what is involved in refurbishing the emission components in an engine in Japan are so expensive, the logical and popular alternative is to buy a new car, in Japan. What happens to all of these low mileage engines and other useable components?

That is the beauty of a JDM engine for your Subaru Outback, or any car with a Japanese engine. Which may include some Chrysler and Chevy imports. Which is a good reason to buy from a professional like We know our business and get the order right the first time. The cars are literally cut into pieces and shipped to the USA on a boat.

The bottom line is, can you imagine getting what we in America rightfully consider a low mileage engine for pennies on the dollar. Did you know that most JDM engines come with at round 40,000 miles on them? You might even get one with less mileage.

Did you know every JDM engine we sell is examined in detail and them converted to US emissions laws, making it a virtual “drop in”, “turn key” engine job. I’m not saying JDM is your only option. We sell the finest Rebuilt engines for all Japanese cars, and Subaru as well.

We guarantee every engine to exceed your expectations. Call and speak with someone who can explain everything in terms you understand. Our goal is to make sure you get the perfect replacement Japanese car engine. We have plenty of time to help you learn what you need to know in order to make better decision.

For the best customer service ANYWHERE, and products guaranteed by an iron clad, peace of mind warranty, call (888)-840-8709 right now for a free quote and some engine talk.