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Some Mazda 2.3L Engines Are Made by Ford

I know this sounds confusing because Mazda is a Japanese Car, some Mazda 2.3L Engines Are Made by Ford. For instance the 2.3 liter gasoline engine offered in the Mazda 3, is one of them. Beginning in the 2006 model year [generation 1] the 2.3 L engine became option, only coming with the automatic transmission.…

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Mazda CX-7 Japanese Car Engines for Sale

I know if you own a Mazda CR-7, looking for a replacement engine is not a pleasant thought, and probably surprising. For a vehicle that was just introduced in 2007, a blown motor would be unusual. It happens, we get calls on occasion for Mazda CX-7 Japanese car Engines for Sale. The CR-7 is built…

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