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Geo Prism Chevy Prism 4A-GE Engines for Sale

When I speak of the Geo Prism, we all know what that is. Did you know the Chevy Nova/Prism was is identical engine wise? The second production of the Nova was actually a joint venture with Toyota of Japan, called the Prism, and ran from 1985 to 1988. Coincidentally, they both used the same engine.…

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Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale

The Subaru Outback was the first Subaru to use the EZ engine family starting in 2000 in the USA. The engine was introduced to America in the Japanese Domestic Market [JDM]. I’m of the mind that if one is searching for Japanese Engines Subaru EZ Engines for Sale, a JDM engine is a very worthy…

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Japanese Car Engines for Sale Affordable Prices

A company devoted to only Japanese car engines at affordable prices focuses on one product line. In most cases, focusing on one particular line makes one more knowledgeable about the subject. You won’t find a company and employees who know more about said subject than There are so many Japanese cars on the road,…

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