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Japanese Engines for Sale: Nissan Maxima

Nissan wasn’t Nissan when the 240Z hit US shores, and the Maxima wasn’t the Maxima either. The names changed and so did the energy behind them. The 1970s was a time of discovery for Japanese automakers so cars never stayed the same for long.

 Japanese Engines for Sale: Nissan Maxima as an example, cost less…

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Japanese Engines for Sale Toyota Celica

Toyota wanted a respectable piece of the American auto market back in the mid-1960s, even though the big three US automakers had other ideas. The auto industry was going through a metamorphosis back then and the Japanese as well as the Europeans were driving that change. The Germans had established themselves in the luxury market…

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Honda Prelude Japanese Car Engines for Sale

The Honda Prelude won the title of the finest handling front-drive car ever built and one of the world’s beat 4-cylinder engines by not being the standard cookie-cutter sedan that car manufacturers produced back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The early Prelude did have a few issues since it was an Accord on…

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