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Japanese Engines for Sale Toyota Celica

Toyota wanted a respectable piece of the American auto market back in the mid-1960s, even though the big three US automakers had other ideas. The auto industry was going through a metamorphosis back then and the Japanese as well as the Europeans were driving that change. The Germans had established themselves in the luxury market as well as in the fuel efficient compact market, and the Japanese knew there was room for expansion in those markets as well as in the average family sedan and sports car market. Offering Japanese Engines for Sale, Toyota Celica in this case is made easy and fast at

In 1970, Toyota used the Ford Mustang as a model for the Celica’s body style although it was considerably smaller than the Mustang. The 1.6 liter, single carburetor, 4-cylinder engine didn’t come close to providing the kick of the now famous Ford money car.

Toyota introduced three Celica trim levels in Toyko: the LT had the single carb, 4-cylinder 2T engine, which displaced 1600 cc; the ST equipped with the 2T-B twin downdraft-carburetor engine, and the DOHC 2T-G with a twin Mikuni-Solex carburetor, which was the brawn behind the high-end GT model. The ST model was the only Celica offered in the US and it was sort of a sports car look.

All trim levels were offered on the notch back design only. The SV-1 liftback made its debut in 1971 at the Tokyo Motor Show. In 1973 that car was modified as the 2000 cc 4-cylinder RA25, and the 1600 cc 4-cylinder TA27 liftback. That model was exported to Europe as the RHD 1600 cc lift back, and after undergoing a radical face lift it was introduced in other markets.

In 1974, the GT trim level made its way to the States with a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine. That would be the engine that powered the Celica for the next eleven years in the US market. The all new GT liftback with the larger 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine was available in dealerships in 1976. It was marketed as a sports-touring vehicle with more comfort and luggage space than the notch back model.

The second generation Celica hit the US in 1978 with a 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine. By 1982, Celica had a new look and a more powerful 2.4 liter 4-cylinder under the hood. A new twin-cam, 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine, and a new body style defined the 1986 Celica, plus all three trim levels were available as a liftback or coupe in the US market. sells All Japanese car engines, including Toyota Celica engines. Call us or email now for more information about rebuilt, used and crate Celica engines.