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Used K20 Engine for Sale

The K20 engine is a Honda block used in Honda motor vehicles. It was built in 2001 and made for sale in the Civic, Integra and Accord. Companies that have these in stock import directly from foreign dealers. is a trustworthy resource to order a used K20 engine for sale without the high markup.

Specs of the K20 Block

Honda enabled its four-cylinder 2.0 liter assemblies with I-VTEC technology. This was meant to improve the standard horsepower that someone could receive. The compression ratio is 11:5:1 in all OEM versions. The top horsepower that is to be expected out of daily use of the K-Series is 217.

The motor design is what is called a DOHC. This dual overhead cam induction system improves the amount of air that enters the camshaft. Honda did not invent this technology, but it builds upon what other automakers utilize. There are 8400 RPM that are available even with the I-VTEC engaged.

Buying a K20: What to Expect

The first thing to validate is if a retailer can get you a low mileage build. The emissions in Japan work a bit different than in the U.S. Many cars are retired well before the 45,000 mile mark. Companies pull out and part out the cars. This is how a USDM or true JDM retailer provides inventory.

Warranty coverage should be at the top of your list. You do not know what someone else might have done to a four-cylinder block. Taking precautions through acquiring a warranty plan will protect you from a complete block failure. The internal parts can be swapped or upgraded with performance versions easily.

The final thing to understand is the shipping fee and core charge. You do not always have to pay the money to send your defective block back. A single core charge could be applied by a retailer to cover their internal costs. It is a regular procedure in the industry. The freight is usually a separate charge.

Buy Honda K20 Engines Here

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