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Buy Japanese Engines for RAV4 Here

It’s hard for me to believe the Toyota RAV4 is already 17 years old. It was such a smash hit when it was introduced and continues to be very popular. My neighbors own a mid 2000’s model and love it. So theirs is  a Generation 2 model which was made from 2000 to 2005 with…

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Geo Prism Chevy Prism 4A-GE Engines for Sale

When I speak of the Geo Prism, we all know what that is. Did you know the Chevy Nova/Prism was is identical engine wise? The second production of the Nova was actually a joint venture with Toyota of Japan, called the Prism, and ran from 1985 to 1988. Coincidentally, they both used the same engine.…

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Japanese Engines for Sale Honda Civic

Honda made its entrance in the US automobile market on a 2-cylinder 600cc runabout. Prior to 1973, Honda was known for its motorbikes and motorcycles. But, all that changed when they introduced a fun and space efficient four passenger car in 1973. The Honda Civic broke new ground in the auto industry by offering gas…

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