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H22A4 Engine for Sale

You can buy an H22A4 engine for sale using this USDM and JDM website. The Prelude is just one vehicle type that has utilized the powerful four-cylinder built by Honda. Its VTEC platform has been regarded for decades as a top performing technology. Automotive engineering is growing at an advanced rate in Asian areas. Let by your provider.

The U.S. version of the H22A motor was used in several trim versions. The base edition was the Fifth Generation Prelude produced. The SH as well as the SE trim can accept the used H22A4 motor that you can find here. The construction is a DOHC. There is variable valve timing (VTEC) included in the American editions that we are selling.

Complete H22A4 Blocks

You are not buying an eBay motor here. Those types of builds can be missing parts or just too far gone with rust to be worth it. We are an importer of automotive parts. Connections have been built for more than a decade with European distributors. All of our employees are trained in Honda Motor Company components.

The heads as well as the casing are aluminum on the Honda H22A series. Although there were multiple variants in use, the ones in the Prelude and Accord were U.S. based. These are not the same as the foreign models that do not have the “A” in the part name. It is worth nothing that prior to going through with an order here.

Specs of the H22A4

The performance is not an issue in most post 1990s models. The horsepower is what might change depending on tuning. The 195 hp is the public rating Honda gives in its service manual for the H22A4 series. This could have been upped in later years by around 200 hp. The used Honda import engines that we are retailing here have been verified for horsepower.

A warranty policy that is good enough to protect all stock parts is included. No one buying on this website is left out. There is no need to fork over additional money if an original part goes out. Our policy states that we will help you remedy the issue should one even come up.

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Get the right price on the first try. You should never overpay for a preowned Honda motor on the Internet. We are experts in the sale and service of Japanese Domestic Market products. What goes into our warehouse can be compared to rebuilt quality. There is mileage that is never removed off the main block but this is OK. What matters is these do not fail once they are installed. Get your price quote here. You can call our phone number too. Just do it.