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Japanese Engines for US made Toyota Land Cruisers

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been in production since 1951! Wow. It was designed to compete with the Army Jeep in the old days. By 1980 it became somewhat recognizable to the mass population. Before that it was not on the scene very often. It’s very popular in Australia, where it’s the best selling Truck/SUV there.

Because it is a Global vehicle, sold all over the world, plenty of engine choices are available, although lots of the motors are geographically positioned by country. What that means is only several Japanese  Engines for US made Toyota Land Cruisers were in the lineup, the rest go to other countries with different emission requirements.

Chronologically speaking here is a list of the series of each generation Land Cruiser, beginning in 1951 with the first gen.
1. BJ and FJ   [1951-1955]
2. 20 Series    [1955-1960]
3. 40 series     [1960-1984] Finally introduced a diesel engine. Plenty of time was spent perfecting diesel engines in these vehicles.
4. 50 series     [1967-1980] Only 2 gasoline engines.
5. 60 series     [1980-1990]
6. 70 series     [1984 to present]
7. 80 series     [1989-1997]
8. 90 series   [1996-2002] Called Lexus GS in America, used a version with either the 5VZ-FE petrol engine [24-valve six-cylinder, 3.4 L], the 3RZ-FS (four-cylinder 2.7 L) petrol engine or the 1KZ-TE turbodiesel [four-cylinder 3.0 L] and 5.0 L diesel [four-cylinder 3.0 L].
9. 100 series [1998-2007]: Also called the Lexus LX470. Introducing a V8 engine for the first time. The 2UZ is a 4.7 liter gasoline engine. With diesel power-plants as large as 4.2 liters with a turbo assembly, lots of power is available.
10. 200 series [2008 to present]. Also known as the Lexus LX570 is a full redesign and shares the Lexus chassis and drive-line. TIP: You may want to ask about our low mileage used engines if you run into a situation that requires a fresh replacement engine.

It’s clear the Land Cruiser has been successful over a long period of time. Owners of said vehicles buy them for their reputation, and overall reliability. Many people use them in snowy or hilly areas because of the four wheel drive and safety features. The old Land Cruiser models are collectables now.

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